Migrol Fuel

Refueling has never been easier

With the help of the autoSense Fuel Partnerservice, the refuelling processes at our partner Migrol can be handled completely digitally.

Refuel rethought - with autoSense

The autoSense app can be used at around 307 Migrol service stations. The available Migrol service stations can be viewed directly in the dashboard of the autoSense app.

Thanks to the app, it is also no longer possible to fill the tank with petrol instead of diesel and thus have to bear high follow-up costs, as only the stored product is activated at the petrol pump. The individual payment transactions can be easily viewed in the app at any time. autoSense gives the customer an overview of the fill level, mileage, refuelling, etc. And that is just one of the many functions offered by autoSense .

And that's how easy it is Refuel with Migrol and autoSense

Deposit means of payment

Before you can use the refuelling function in the app, you must first deposit a means of payment. To do this, simply click on the three dots at the bottom right of the menu bar, follow the user account to enter your desired means of payment (Mastercard, Visa or Migrolcard). When the registration of your means of payment is completed, you can Refuel can start.

Migrol pump selection

Find apetrol station

The rest is a piece of cake. Next, find the nearest Migrol or Shell gas station on the map on your dashboard. Click on the logo of the gas station. In the window that appears, you can read about the mechanism under "How it works" and navigate to the gas station. Once you have arrived at the selected petrol station, a window will appear in which you will have the opportunity to unlock the corresponding petrol pump. Select the type of fuel you want, then the free petrol pump you are at and enter the amount you Refuel want. Then confirm the payment with a click.

Migrol start refueling

Refuel and receipt

The refuelling process can now begin. As soon as the desired amount has been reached or you have filled up your car, you will receive a confirmation in the app that the process is complete. The receipt will be displayed immediately after the Refuel displayed. This receipt contains all the necessary information about the completed refuelling process.

Migrol Fuel
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