AMAG Leasing

AMAG Leasing rewards its customers who use autoSense. Those who participate in the bonus programme will collect hearts and exchange them for gifts.

As an AMAG Leasing customer, you have the opportunity to benefit from the unique and free bonus programme. The better your driving style, the more points or hearts you can collect. After just a short time, you can redeem your collected hearts for current offers from various partners.

AMAG Leasing
Collect hearts for attractive offers

  1. Check your personal driving behaviour in the autoSense app
  2. See how speed, abrupt braking and sharp turns affect your personal driving score
  3. Collect valuable points for the exchange of attractive offers from AMAG leasing partners
AMAG Leasing
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Start now with us and discover our app and order the right adapter for you to use the full scope. Benefit from a wide range of functions, useful information and great services for your car. This also means that you always have your vehicle data with you and at your fingertips. autoSense can be cancelled at any time, as there is no minimum contract period. Partner services can be activated and deactivated at any time.

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