Zurich MyWay

Car insurance with mileage-based billing

With Zurich MyWay, you can benefit from car insurance with mileage-based billing and have full control over your insurance costs. You can easily manage everything related to your insurance digitally. Fair, transparent, sustainable: only pay as much as you drive - you are protected around the clock.

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Zurich MyWay keeps you in the picture

No hidden costs, no nasty surprises: Thanks to Zurich MyWay, you have full control.

  • Mileage-based billing for full transparency - track your monthly premium on a daily basis.
  • Small basic fee - after that you only pay when you drive.
  • Road trip planned? Stay cool, we'll charge you a maximum of 1,000 km per calendar month.
  • When your car stays at home, not only the environment is happy, but also your wallet.

This is how simple Zurich MyWay works

One car, one adapter, one app - in just three steps you're ready to go.

  1. Take out your Zurich MyWay car insurance online at zurich.ch or in the autoSense app.
  2. Get your autoSense adapter and easily install it in your car.
  3. Download the autoSense app, link your Zurich MyWay policy and start driving.

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Zurich MyWay
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Start now with us and discover our app and order the right adapter for you to use the full scope. Benefit from a wide range of functions, useful information and great services for your car. This also means that you always have your vehicle data with you and at your fingertips. autoSense can be cancelled at any time, as there is no minimum contract period. Partner services can be activated and deactivated at any time.

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