HR Campus - Expenses tool Edi

Travel expense claims with Edi and autoSense - very simple.

Edi, the Swiss expense tool from HR Campus, simplifies the recording and accounting of expenses. Whether on the road via app, chatbot or in the office on the desktop. Thanks to the cooperation between autoSense and Edi, employees can significantly simplify their expense reports and save valuable time.

This is particularly suitable for employees who use their private vehicles for business trips.

How it works

Employees of companies that use the Edi expenses tool can link their Edi account directly to their autoSense adapter. After a successful link, the journeys made are transferred directly to the employee's Edi account.

There, the journeys are listed in the user account in their entirety and can thus be verified individually. Business trips can now be separated from private trips and then released for expense reporting. In this way, employees retain control over their data.

Both existing (private) adapters and adapters provided by companies to their employees can be integrated.

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Added value for companies and employees

By using the data transmitted by autoSense , travel expenses can be settled exactly to the kilometre. The journey data is automatically transmitted from autoSense to Edi and can then be individually verified and approved by the employee for the expense claim. The privacy of the employees is protected and the administrative effort is significantly reduced.

More information about the expenses tool Edi

HR Campus - Expenses tool Edi
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